If it’s everything that comes in contact with the elements, corrosion is a major worry. We’ve all experienced the impact water and corrosion can cause on everything from metal to wood. In time, rust can lead to the total failure of a variety of common materials. Unfortunately, vessels designed for water can suffer from the damaging effects of this seemingly harmless natural chemical substance.

If you’re involved in selling or updating, maintaining, or operating boats or vessels, then it’s worthwhile to consider adding the polyurea coating to your stock. Spray-on coatings we’ve developed for you at ArmorThane are the ideal choice for marine application. Because of their outstanding performance in the face of water as well as abrasion They will give you the protection that your customers and employees require to increase your profits and increase confidence in your service.

Take a look at the following reasons to consider investing in ArmorThane for your marine company, and contact us anytime to inquire regarding how we could customize the perfect solution to your business requirements.


If you’ve ever stepped foot on an old, rusty fishing vessel or have been the proud owner of one of your own, then you know how damaging water can affect a boat’s structure over time. This is especially true for older vessels since the initial paint is worn off and the broken, raw materials get exposed to the sea and the air. If you’re engaged in work with water vessels close to the ocean Then corrosion due to salt is more likely to happen over short periods of time.

If you’re currently fighting rust on your boat or want to prevent rust from overtaking your marine craft a protective coating is likely the best solution to your business’s requirements. A polyurea coating provides a water-tight seal. This will ensure that whatever material underneath is shielded from corrosion.

In contrast to metal surfaces, Our coatings are made to be resistant to corrosion and can withstand continuous exposure to a variety of chemicals. Covering the whole part of your vessel can protect it from whatever water throws at it. This is perfect for new boats as well as old ones. If your boat is already afflicted with rust marks or flaws or other weaknesses, a coating will cover these areas and provide similar protection. In the end, is that your boat won’t be plagued by holes or other damage that could cause the failure of the water or costly repairs later.


In addition, corrosion cause a weakening of the vessel however, it can also leave your boat looking less than perfect. Although you wouldn’t want your boat to look new for a lifetime, you do not want it to appear like a shipwrecked vessel instead of a seaworthy boat. The look of your boat can be critical to attracting new customers or ensuring new investors of the authenticity of your brand. A brand new paint job is a good choice to give your boat a fresh look to this end, however, the paint usually chips fast or becomes brittle under intense usage.

However, the industrial coating is an effective and cost-effective way to make your boat look fresh and new. The coating can be easily sprayed on the exterior of your vessel and leaves you with a smooth coating instead of a messy paint job. When the coating cures, your business will be able to enjoy a tough and tidy appearance.

One of the dangers when working in the water is falling and slipping on slippery surfaces. While you are getting in to and out, or take your catch of the day in the water, the water rapidly spreads across the floor. This can make it very slippery and dangerous for everyone who is on the board. In the best case, a fall could result in a bruised knee, but at worst, it can result in someone falling overboard, or even a head injury.

The great thing is that ArmorThane provides coatings that protect the exterior of your vessel but they also offer coatings that are specifically designed to be used for flooring. These polyurea coatings are made using anti-slip technology to ensure that everyone is safe on board. Make sure you have solid foundations on your boat with the addition of flooring coating!


If you are using your vessel for commercial fishing or other tasks which require a large amount of equipment, it is possible to make use of coatings to protect your equipment as well as keep corrosion at the bare minimum. From the toolbox in your boat, which you put your knives in after gutting the fish to the gear that you have attached to your boat spray-on coatings are ideal for keeping all of your equipment in a perfect state.

It is possible to apply our coatings to these different items quickly and effortlessly. When the coating is cured it will block out water as well as any different chemicals the equipment may be exposed. It’s also abrasion-resistant meaning it won’t scratch or scratch your equipment.


You may plan to operate your boat for a long time or even sell it in the future to fund a new vessel. If you do decide to sell your boat for sale investing with an industrial coating can only enhance the value. As discussed in the points above the coating shields and protects against weathering. This results in an item that is more affordable to sell and that appears flawless despite the usage.

Are you interested in implementing a protective polyurea coating to protect your vessel or any similar marine machinery? Contact ArmorThane today to find out more about the ways they can benefit your company!